There exists no good definition who is a good wife. It’s individual for every man. For example, employees of one dating agency polled men married long ago and happily to Russian women. A question they were asked was one and the same: ‘What is she like, your good wife? What is the secret of your happy life by her side? What little weaknesses can you excuse your mate and what not?’
The most interesting thing is that answers may be completely different. For some a beauty of their Russian girls looking as supermodels and taking care of their appearance became perfection. They proudly show them their friends as expensive toys, but inwardly they are jealous to every glance cast at them. They are afraid that their bride can become fat or change in appearance, become not so attractive as her cover is more important for men than her inner world.

There is another category for whom an ideal wife is a kind and smiling easily amused woman, a good housewife and mother of her children. She is a soul of any company. And this category of men is also jealous to their wives to other men, that’s why for them she is the best couple.
For some people wives are far not ideal housewives and mountains of dishes in the kitchen may be left for two days in a sink. But they are talented, clever, interesting and able to understand their men easily no matter what problems they encounter.
Respondents were also asked another question – if imagine that all these couples are mixed and let each other live with another one. The majority answered that they won’t live even a day! Some will be scared of voluptuous bodies of cheerful women, others will go crazy because of a mountain of dishes, and some will give a wail because of a feeble mind of beauties. Well, a good Russian wife should fir her husband the very way he imagined her for himself.
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