The majority of western observers consider that ‘Russian ladies’ are notable for their ‘flawless make-up, wonderful figure and modern style.’ For example, the German ‘Die Welt’ acknowledges that ‘during their visit to Moscow experts were charmed by the image of city women.’ At the same time, speaking about Russian women’s beauty the majority of foreign journalists mean women from Moscow, as women from other cities are rarer to be seen for obvious reasons. However, they emerge in front of a delighted western audience more and more often.

Foreign authors acknowledge that the whole world knows the famous models well-known for their beauties like Natalia Vodianova or the tennis-player Anna Kurnikova. However, after spending some time in the Russian province, they came to a conclusion that ‘girls from Russian province are not just beautiful, but very beautiful and they have a good taste.’

After visiting fashionable Moscow nightclubs which are ‘the greatest embodiment of luxury and elitism higher than western one’, foreign journalists didn’t conceal their admiration and wonder of what they have seen there. To their opinion, many of girls resting in such clubs ‘have a model figure’ and are notable for their ‘expensive satin evening dresses, shoes on high heels, bags made of crocodile skin.’
In province with its very low incomes the situation is different. According to the words of women living there, ‘For an average foreign woman consumer goods and fashionable brands are less accessible than for ladies from capital cities, and, willing or not, they she should take their abilities in a more practical way. Probably, that’s the reason why she values more what nature gifted her with’.

In general, standards of woman’s beauty are different in Russia itself. A vast country stretching for dozens thousands of miles and inhabited with hundreds of folks created wonderful possibilities for emerging of completely different types of women. From bright blue-eyed blondies, looking like Swedish beauties on the north-west to hot brunettes with an Asian coloring on the south-east of the country. A great number of beautiful, attractive, but completely different girls live in many cities of Russia.
Herewith, while comparing German and Russian women, the German ‘Die Welt’ doesn’t recommend its compatriots to come to Russia not to look poor near Slavic beauties: ‘As on their background even a quite pretty female tourist from Germany may feel herself a grub and a fatso’.