Beauty and appearance
A model of American beauty is a snow-white smile and hair that is well-cared-for. The majority of American women prefer wearing long hair. One can scrape it back into a ponytail. This haircut looks both appropriate in an office and in informal setting. Such a haircut is comfortable and business-like.
They observe a dress-code when they are in an office and they feel quite relaxed about their clothes while visiting shops, hospitals and other public places. One can rarely see an American woman in an evening dress and on high heels walking to a supermarket to buy some food. Usual shopping clothes are jeans, a top or a blouse together with comfortable shoes without heels.
There’s a rule saying that no woman should come to her workplace in a full make-up. She may just make up her eyes a bit, rouge her cheeks and dust her nose to fit her skin. She'll surely use a brighter make-up and dress properly for going out (giving a visit, restaurant, theatre).
In Ukraine a woman's appearance is her visiting card, her ticket to life success. There's no secret that Ukrainian women are considered to be the most beautiful women in the world. And the thing is not just about nature being very generous to them but also about the fact that a Ukrainian woman has an urge to look twenty-four seven as if a limousine is going to stop by her just now and a red carpet strip will appear for her feet to step on.

The USA is a country where there is no difference between man's and woman's professions. Women equally serve in the Army, they go to hot landing zones as well as any other American soldiers. Women serve on flat-tops and pigboats. They compete with men in practically all spheres of human activity.
If to look at the situation in general, American businesswomen were united by such general traits as cast-iron logic, holdfast, carrier-orientation, fitness and a kind of cold manner of communication.
Career is at the second place for girls in Ukraine. An evidence about it is given by the results of a research made by the Institute of Social Research. Well, 65,3% of young Ukrainian girls answered that their family is more important to them than their career. The most of women put their career far not at the first place among their life preferences. They try to get successfully married, give birth to children, to make comfortable living. As a rule, if a woman mentions her work among her life priorities, she considers that in the ideal she should be a favorite one.

Many American women don’t hurry to get married while they think that it’s better to obtain a higher education first and then make a career, and think about a family afterwards.
There are many children in American families. 2-3 kids is a usual thing, but in some families women give birth to children in a number that God gives them. While children are small, a mother usually stays home. As soon as they go to school, a woman starts working again, as very often money of a family's head is too little to pay for all his family’s expenses.
If you come to visit an American family, a hostess will never go to a kitchen to cook anything for a guest, as traditional for Ukraine. She will offer you something to drink: a coffee, a coke, a beer or a glass of wine. By the way, it’s not accepted to on a visit in the USA without invitation.
Family plays a huge role in the life of a Ukrainian woman. A Ukrainian woman's home is a gracious living. Everything is always nice and tidy here. At the same time, Ukrainian women always cook well. A good feast is a traditional way of showing a good attitude to a guest, and a husband and children are always satisfied. A Ukrainian cuisine amazes with its diversity. You won't taste many of its dishes anywhere. A Ukrainian woman can't imagine her life without kids. She is a wonderful mother, caring, but she cares for her child without a fuss and brings up a harmonious person.