Today in Ukraine there are hundreds of marriage and dating agencies. The system of Ukrainian love exists in almost all the cities of the country, but the center of its development are major the cities - Kiev, Odessa, Dnepropetrovsk and Kharkov.
So, let’s try to understand the schemes, which are modern Ukrainian marriage and dating agencies are using.

The first scheme
There are a lot of special sites with mail order brides. Single ukrainian girls, who wishes to get married, visits an agency, leaves photos, fills the application with all her personal data. Then she becomes an active user of the website. If a girl does not speak a foreign language, the correspondence with potential foreign husbands will be translated by a professional translator/interpreter whose services will be paid separately. As a good example how exactly does it work –Odessa’s Dating Agency -

The second scheme
Ukrainian lady visits a dating agency, leaves photos and fills an application with her personal Information. There is no online correspondence in that situation. The case is developing in a different scenario: the administration of the dating service forms several groups of men who are interesting to meet a Ukrainian lady and offers them a romantic tour to Ukraine for a personal meeting with a girl.
Like any other business, dating should make a profit. No profit - no agency. And both girls and men should understand that. They will have to pay for the services but depending on the manner in which the agency operates, you can identify an honest option of earning and dishonest. It is very easy to figure it out.
The "gray" schemes dating services in Ukraine are the majority – around 70%. "They are called« scam »and bring very good money. Usually, they consist of a lot of staff. Their number one staff members are the translators with good typing speed. Mainly they make a lot of money on online chats. Their main disadvantage is a problem of visualization. Quite often it happens that a man communicates only with photos stolen from some kind of social network. And his communicator is not a girl but the guy with good English knowledge ... The main features of such an agency is a lack of office and a phone, where you can come or call. The important factor, speaking about not a quite honest scheme of work, there is a lack of personal meetings and video chats in the list of services. If you visit such a dating agency - think twice before you sign up. The rest 30 % of Ukrainian matchmakers are the branches of large network agencies. You can feel absolutely safe because a serious company pays a lot of attention to the control and safety systems. All customer data are verified, so you should not be afraid of a fraud.

Well, to understand or to judge the activities of marriage and dating agencies is your personal matter. But you must remember the truth –you cannot buy love for money. And if you buy something, it is definitely not love; the family should be created on mutual respect and deep feelings. And if it is, it does not matter where and how did you find or meet each other – in the street, or with a help of dating or marriage agency.